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Billing Services

HMR provides a very cost effective billing service by utilizing in-house computer systems and its own proprietary software to automate the medical billing process. The company has always maintained an in-house programming staff to provide analysis, design and coding of all software. This also facilitates very rapid response to changes in regulations, forms and client requests.

HMR Billing Services include:

Bill primary and secondary carriers
Our staff reviews both the primary and secondary data. If any data is missing or incorrect, we do whatever is necessary to have complete and accurate data. Our staff reviews the HCFA 1500 claims before they are mailed to be sure they are complete and correct. When payment is received from the primary carrier we automatically file the secondary claim. All rejection notices are entered into the patient's database and they are reported on their next statement. Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross of Texas and most private carriers are billed electronically.

Track and re-file all unpaid claims
Our system tracks the insurance file and payment dates and provides monthly re-file reports so the staff can follow-up on all unpaid claims. We contact the carrier to find out why the claim is unpaid and document this in the patient's on-line memo file for future reference.

Take all telephone/written inquires regarding the accounts
Our staff will take the inquiries from all sources: patient, employer, and insurance carrier. These will be answered either orally or in writing. The significant inquiries are entered into the patient's on-line memo file.

Bill patients monthly
Our system assigns a billing cycle to each patient when they are entered into the system. The patient then receives a monthly statement at the same time each month until their account is paid in full or placed for collection.

Make daily bank deposits
We make daily deposits in a local bank in an account in your name. Only you can write checks on the account. Deposit slips are mailed to you daily and you can transfer funds to your current bank account anytime.

Provide complete monthly statistical reports
Our system tailors these reports to your practice. Production can be tracked in a variety of ways depending on whether the practice is a partnership or you may have various temporary doctors you pay on a "fee for service" basis that is tied to their individual production. We can provide whatever reports you and your accountant need.

Track and place uncollectible accounts
When an account becomes delinquent or has a bad address that we cannot correct, the system generates a detailed list for placement with an agency.

Research Credit Balances and Prepare Refund Checks
Our system prints a detailed Credit Balance Report so the staff can review each account to determine if a refund is due or if the amount should be applied to another account. If a refund is due, our system will print the refund check to whomever it is due. We keep a separate bank account for refunds which you fund and we write and mail the checks. All cancelled checks and bank statements are sent to you or your accountant.

Remote Access

This is an optional feature for our Billing Services clients. We provide secure remote access (via the web) which allows access to basic patient information from the client's office. Part of this package is a very robust Appointment Scheduling module. This is an excellent tool, especially for those practices with multiple locations, as the appointment schedule can be viewed from any web capable location. Patient "super bills", data sheets and the daily schedule can be printed remotely.

Computer Systems & Software

HMR sells, services and supports a complete automated Physicians Billing System. The software/hardware is custom tailored to each specialty. The software utilizes a multi-user database manager and was developed completely by our staff. The Physicians Billing System was first installed in 1974 and is currently in use by the following types of practices: Cardiology, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Surgery (General, Orthopedic, and Cardiovascular), Independent Laboratories and others.